Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of short-term stay for a lodger?

A Worklodge is not set up for long term use. It is designed for quick, easy and repeated access by constantly traveling creative professionals, created according to the limitations of their busy schedules while, at the same time, stimulating and nurturing their lifestyle both architecturally and intellectually. The group of people in the worklodge is constantly overlapping and changing, creating greater chances for initiating long-lasting and meaningful professional relationships.

What are the benefits of work/live studios?

Work/live studios, or solotats in Mark Parrish’s terminology, combine the essentials for living with large, inspiring work spaces in a way that supports the unity and interdependence of living and working – in essence, of one’s “lifework.” Temporarily working and living in the same space brings new insight to one’s work with a potential to reexamine it on new grounds. Worklodge studios are vastly more economical for the traveling lodger, making for a significant savings from what they would have paid for renting a studio plus an apartment.

Why does PointB encourage lodgers from many disciplines to apply instead of only artists, as most residencies do?

By mixing disciplines and approaches, we create ample possibilities for “crossovers” as random organic encounters will lead to invitations to view work, share meals, or socialize with people from professions the lodgers might otherwise not easily meet. One’s work often has resonance beyond a single field, and through intersections with different disciplines, the integrity of both creative process and product is strengthened, and the breadth of meaning in a work is multiplied.

Why do you encourage lodgers from vastly different cultures to come to PointB?

PointB believes that by “curating” groups with different cultural background, the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts. Different cultures have different approaches to simple everyday acts ofliving, as well as for creative processes and problem-solving – the greater the diversity of lodgers, the greater the potential for new ideas and solutions. Cultural crossover leads to a more networked lifestyle, with professional contacts in many creative fields all over the globe that one might otherwise have to travel both far and wide to encounter.

Why does PointB cater to mid-career professionals?

There are many organizations that give resources and help for the emerging talent. PointB does not provide career advancement, it is a tool for the large portion of mid-career creative professionals who have an established way of working and who seek to be around other people with the same level of advancement. Mid-career professionals are mature, self-supporting individuals who have clarity and direction and can take independent initiative in both their work and their interpersonal interaction. Their wider perspective through global travels bring diversity of contacts to the worklodge. Guarantees a high level of responsibility, professionalism and respect in the worklodge.

Why do you use the word-of-mouth referral system instead of advertising openly?

TRUST! Who would you like to share a studio next to? Someone your friend recommended or a stranger? As 75% of lodgers come through word-of-mouth personal recommendations from other lodgers, this global network of personal recommendations constantly creates a new and diverse group of trusted lodgers and guarantees a high level of merit, integrity and personality in our community. We have found a good ratio, lodgers sent from NY trusted galleries, our trusted international granting organizations and the smallest proportion coming from open online applications – it strengthens the growth of PointB in the most optimal way.

Why is the returning lodger an important part of the PointB structure? Why do they keep coming back?

If the shoe fits…

When lodgers find that the worklodge has been a socially and architecturally inspiring tool, as well as easily accessible, they appreciate the opportunity to return. With 600 members over the past 15 years, PointB has been very successful in building an international community of practicing creatives. Returning lodgers are members for life as well as the core of PointB’s group – the project thrives on their commitment and equally high expectations.

How is the worklodge funded? Why have you chosen to be artist-run?

Who knows best the needs of other creatives? In 19 years of existence, the project has solely been supported by studio fees paid by the lodgers themselves, making it literally artist-run. During that time, we have not sought any grants, preferring instead to find a financially autonomous way to meet our base costs and needs. The long term goal is to prove in practice that self-sustainability is financially possible for worklodge as a business model. By lodgers paying for their studio, everyone has a similar financial investment, and this becomes a real equity in responsibility – lodgers feel they are in fact what makes PointB and they are correct.