What is a Worklodge?

The concept of the Worklodge was created out of this desire to transcend physical limitations of one’s own studio/office. Conceived as a practical system through which one would take a trip from their primary studios (point A) to a secondary studio abroad (point B) on a regular basis without any interruption to workflow. The innovative idea in the early 90’s sparked immediate interest from other global ‘Worktraveler’ colleagues and brought about a new creation- an international Worklodge in Brooklyn.

PointB evolved around the idea of global Worktravel, a concept that encompasses the field of lifestyles combining work and travel, and which continues to grow in importance as everincreasing mobility and communication technology change the way creative professionals move and work. The Worklodge represents a synthesis of ideas about what these Worktravelers might need. This initial idea for a practical temporal workspace grew into a whole system incorporating the varied aspects of physical space, time, setting, and overall socioeconomic sustainability.