Affiliates / Partnerships

We have chosen our partners based on diversity and trustworthiness, a method similar to the word of mouth referral system that is crucial to the project. It is extremely important to keep the right balance between the lodgers who apply directly to PointB and granting organizations and galleries – both NY-based and international. The randomness of word of mouth, as well as upcoming exhibitions in New York galleries, and the results of the grant proposals, will create a well-balanced but carefully curated mix of lodgers that benefit the project the most. Although we have had several discussions about possible partnerships (Creative Scotland in Edinburgh, the French Embassy in New York, and IASPIS in Stockholm, to mention a few), and interest is high, we can’t accept new commitments until we have enough space to support them, underscoring the need for expansion.

New York-based galleries

Anton Kern, Meulensteen (formerly Max Protetch), Eleven Rivington, Parkers Box, Southfirst, Alexander and Bonin, Harris Lieberman and Friedman Benda among many others.

Asian Cultural Council

(Taiwanese, Japanese, Filipino and Chinese grantees)

PointB partnered with Asian Cultural Council (ACC) in NY in 2007 to expand the number of lodgers from Asia. ACC grants are usually for six months. ACC selects the artists and grants 3 to 4 of them annually to PointB. ACC has a designated studio (Lunar) with an annual commitment.

USF Verftet

(Norwegian grantees)

PointB partnered with USF Verftet in Bergen, Norway in 2009. USF selects artists through an open call and sends PointB shortlisted candidates for the final review. In a year 4-6 artists are awarded with a 2 month grant. USF has a designated studio (Green) with an annual commitment.


(German grantees)
Bremer Verband Bildender Künstlerinnen und Künstler
PointB partnered with BBK in Bremen, Germany in 2005 to provide studio locations for their artists. BBK gives out one grant per year for two months for an artist who is selected through an open call. BBK has a designated studio (Green) with annual commitment.

Art in General

(Eastern European grantees)
PointB partnered with Art in General in NY in 2006 to provide studio locations for their visiting artists. Art in General grants artists on an as-needed basis, without an annual commitment.

Residency Unlimited

(International grantees)
PointB partnered with Residency Unlimited in 2010 to expand the range of services for PointB lodgers. In 2011 PointB will host two artists from Residency Unlimited. RU grants artists on an as-needed basis, without an annual commitment.

Eyebeam Art+Technology Center

New York, US |
Eyebeam is the leading not-for-profit art and technology center in the United States.