Nov 13, 2009

Maud Cotter: “Rumpus Room”

Maud Cotter’s new work, Rumpus Room, occupies a position midway between sculpture and installation.  We can think of it as a quasi-architectural mise-en-scène, a schematic stage-set on which sculptural objects act out their own interior dramas.(…) Her sculptural personages seem to act out of inner necessity, thinking their private thoughts, dreaming their own dreams.  And they seem to give access to our own reveries as well, less-than-conscious notions we did not know we had.  In this, Cotter’s work relates to Surrealism, but her impeccable stage-management of materials, forms, and relationships raises the curtain on a playful new production, where our desires meet the object’s in a place dedicated to recreation.  Let the wild rumpus start!

Joseph R. Wolin

Maud Cotter lives and works in Cork, Ireland. She is a member of Aosdana, and is represented by Rubicon Gallery, Dublin.

The artist will welcome visits by appointment until November 25

Please call 917 607 9074

For inquiries please contact [email protected]

PointB Special Projects is supported by Culture Ireland with the courtesy of Rubicon Gallery

Image: Rumpus Room, 2009 (Photo by Thomas Müller)