Future Overview

We are in the process of are developing a more robust community directory. Please continue reading to learn what to expect for future usage. This community directory will be a private (password protected) directory. Every Lodger will have their own login and password to access the directory, as well as their personal profile.

Lodgers will have a profile that will serve as an online portfolio to connect them to other members of the community. You will be able to freely login to access your profile and make any necessary changes. We encourage everyone to use the directory continuously and to create updates as needed.

A query system will be developed that allows you to run a general search as well as to filter through the list of past Lodgers by country/city, profession and interest. This directory will become an important resource for everyone within our community and will aid in creating new connections and developments.

Be on the look out for an email from PointB requesting the use of your personal information such as your email and website.